Bavarian Brewing in the 19th Century: A Reference Guide


Bavaria is probably one of the most historic and uniquely traditional places in Europe when it comes to brewing beer. During the 19th century, it became one of the birthplaces of modern beer brewing, and thanks to brewing scientists and practical brewers of that era, the techniques and processes that were used have been documented and preserved to this day.

This book explores the brewing and malting processes of old Bavaria in an easy-to-access format that makes it a great resource for beer historians, brewing professionals and home brewers to discover the finer details and nuances of historic Bavarian brewing. Numerous historic accounts from throughout the 19th century were translated and summarised to provide a solid foundation for further research, allowing readers to delve deeper into the subject matter. Beyond brewing, the book also explores the world of malting, highlighting practices and drawing comparisons to modern methods.

Furthermore, readers gain a valuable understanding of 19th-century beer classification and the legislative framework that governed brewing in Bavaria, as well as learn about the early days of Bavarian beer when white beer was incredibly popular and it became an exclusive right to brew this well-liked beer type.


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