Andreas Krennmair
Erasmusstr. 1
10553 Berlin


4 thoughts on “Impressum/Contact”

  1. Thank you for the blog and the book. I am fourth generation German American and a home brewer. I was always interested in historical German beers. I will definitely get the book!

  2. Lieber Andreas,ich bin Hobbybrauer aus berlin
    Hab einige fragen zum Daft Brewing
    Bitte unter01751512192 um Rückruf
    Liebe Grüße Sven

  3. Got the Vienna Lager Book for Christmas – an interesting read! What a pity that most of this rich history was just washed away by Pilsner Urquell! Luckily for us Beer Drinkers the pendulum is swinging the other way again, and we’re seeing diversity not seen probably for 100 years or more. I have brewed the Lager adapted for modern ingredients (p 144) – well, it’s actually still lagering, but already tastes very good – and I would be happy to send you detailed notes if you’re interested.

    1. Sure, I’d be very much interested. You can just post them here or alternatively send me an email. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, but I was in hospital for most of January, hence why I didn’t reply earlier.

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