Historic German and Austrian Beers for the Home Brewer


German beer has a good reputation throughout the world. In this book, you will discover a world of German beer culture that goes beyond pale lager beers. Learn about the history of 22 classic German and Austrian beer styles and brew them yourself at home using historically accurate, authentic recipes and brewing methods.

Divided into four categories – Bavarian beers, German white beers, German brown beers, and Austrian beers – this book gives a detailed introduction into the history of German beer and how it was brewed centuries ago, from Bavarian lager beer and Weissbier to Broyhan, Kottbusser Bier, Berliner Braunbier, Mannheimer Braunbier, Carinthian Stone Beer and more.

This book was written for intermediate and experienced homebrewers who are comfortable with brewing and want to explore classic and lesser known German beer styles, as well as beer history geeks who want to experience a side of German and Austrian beer culture that has not been discovered yet by the craft beer world.


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