A List of Yeast Banks and Producers for Homebrewers

Nowadays, homebrewers can choose from lots of different yeast strains from various producers and yeast banks. As a reference, I’m putting together all those that I know of and that explicitly cater towards homebrewers. I’m not including commercial or scientific yeast banks because they often do not sell their yeast in homebrewing quantitites for homebrewing prices. Also, if you know of any other places or companies that produce yeast for homebrewers, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll add them to the list.

Liquid yeasts:

Dry yeasts:

Update 2015-11-25:
Another dry yeast supplier I found: Brauwerkstatt

Update 2015-12-25:
Escarpment Labs has recently started making their yeasts available to homebrewers in Canada.

Update 2017-11-02:
Brewlab sells slants of a great variety of British yeast strains for GBP 6.00 per slant plus GBP 5.50 shipping within Europe (GBP 2.50 within the UK).

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  1. Sorry, forget about NCYC. Unlikely to be interesting / relevant for homebrewers (as you ahve already written above).

    Best regards, Tilo

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